safety & comfort

Working on exclusive rights means that the owner entrusts the sale of the house, flat or plot to one real estate agency, which is then able to fully control the marketing communication and reach the right group of potential clients. It can also engage all of its potential in selling the real estate, because all the activities leading to the sale (whoever carries it out) will pay for themselves in commission.

Profit for the owner, motivation for the agency!

A lot

of pros

The benefits for the owner of a real estate in favour of exclusivity with Khan Rea agency are obvious:

  • The agency's full engagement in selling the real estate.
  • Uniform price policy (in all media), organized market communication - a greater chance for a quick sale.
  • Retaining the anonymity and an increase in safety through controlling the distribution of information about the real estate and the owner.
  • Limited involvement on the owner's part - the owner doesn't have to communicate with several agents.
  • Additional activities of the agency (free of charge), which are not available in the open formula or need to be paid for:
    • market analysis with price recommendations and a sale strategy;
    • marketing plan (promotion, advertising, sale channels);
    • photo shoot with a professional photographer;
    • filming session (if included in the marketing plan) with post-production and publication.
  • A large number of partner agencies, through which - without involving the owner and with no expenses for them, the Khan Rea agency reaches the whole market
  • Peacefulness after the sale (impossible to get with an open sale - the agents who have the real estate in their base will call for months whenever a potential client appears). With exclusivity, the sale ends all communication with the market.


asked questions

  Isn't the chance of selling bigger when my house is being sold by twenty agents, who reach a greater number of potential clients, than when there's only one agent selling?

No. On the premium market it's quite the contrary - the chance is smaller, because when there are many agents, then not one of them engages fully in the selling process, thinking (somewhat rightfully) that there is a large risk that they will work hard and it will be someone else selling the estate anyway. A bigger number of offers on various websites does not mean a bigger number of people reached, it does however lead to deprecating the offer (a potential buyer, seeing tens of offers for the same house, reaches a conclusion that it must be somehow damaged if everyone's trying to sell it and nobody's been able to sell it yet). Moreover, very often the offers differ in price, which additionally confuses the buyer about the house's value and leads to a conviction that there's something wrong with it...

  Agencies have their client bases - why would I limit myself to reaching just one of those bases by signing a contract with only one agency?

Exclusivity does not mean that the real estate will not be sold by other agents. On the contrary! Khan Rea Agency works with other agencies that are active in the premium section. By working with us on exclusive rights, the owner gains access to all potential clients in the bases of agencies in Warsaw, while retaining the control over communication - only authorised advertisements appear in the Internet, agency mailing keeps the same price and uniform real estate presentation. The partner agencies' renumeration is covered by Khan Rea - there is no extra cost for the owner.

  How can I be sure that the agency doesn't sign the exclusivity agreement and then does nothing, keeping the sale in a dead spot for a year?

It's the opposite. By signing the exclusivity agreement with Khan Rea agency, the real estate owner gains a controlling tool over the agency's engagement in the selling process. It is also possible to cancel the agreement if the agency's engagement in the selling process is unsatisfactory.

Our cooperation begins with preparing a marketing plan and a sales plan. The specified requirements are put into the schedule. Once a month we report the progress in carrying out the tasks and the results of communicating with the market. The owner has full control over Khan Rea agency's engagement and a tool to stop the cooperation if it is deemed unsatisfactory.

  How can I sign the exclusivity agreement if I already entrusted several other agencies with selling my flat - I don't have the time nor the nerves to take care of everything now?

That's not a problem. As part of the contract that we sign, we are authorised to reorganize the relations with all the agencies without involving the owner.