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Transaction process

let's do it


A real estate - a flat, a house, land - is usually a necessity, but also a dream purchase for every person. It is also the most valuable. That's why it's important to make sure that the price is profitable, the time short, the object ideal and the transaction process - safe and comfortable.

Dozens of successfully closed transactions give us the experience that the buyers never have. On the other hand, a small, carefully picked team and being concentrated on the premium segment (which makes us different from other chain agencies) allows us to focus on the perfect choice for every buyer.

This is why we can wholeheartedly offer: Let's do it together!

In four steps we will first carry out the selection of a dream real estate and then the safe purchase.



  • We help the buyer determine the characteristics of the real estate
  • We make out a preference list, concerning the location of the real estate
  • We help the buyer define the budget (with the help of, if necessary, a Credit Representative - free of charge)
  • We create alternative sale scenarios
describing the real estate


  • We prepare, using our own complex database, a list of real estates fulfilling the requirements
  • We show the buyer the real estates chosen by them from the list
  • We support the buyer in price negotiations
  • We plan an optimal shape of the transaction (division into steps, taking into consideration the financial, safety and comfort requirements)
  • We finish the stage of finding a real estate with preparation and signing of a protocole of basic arrangements or a contract for reservation by both sides
finding the perfect real estate


  • We include, if necessary, a Credit Representative, who (free of charge) prepares several offers of the most profitable financing
  • The Credit Representative completes the necessary documents, prepares the forms and files a credit application in the chosen bank (free of charge)
  • The Credit Representative supports the buyer in negotiations of the credit conditions with the bank
financing the purchase


  • We prepare a preliminary contract, provided it is not concluded with a notary
  • We advise when choosing a notary
  • We support the buyer with determining the notarial deed
  • We prepare a protocole of making the real estate over
  • We inform the buyer about the formalities that they need to complete after the sale
carrying out the transaction

we work

with professionals



The Credit Representative knows the current offers of many banks. They will help to compare them and choose the best one. They will help to cut through the red tape and to negotiate the credit conditions. And the most important thing - they work for the Client, not for the bank. Sometimes they save the Client from the incompetence of bank employees. We have the recommendations of our Clients who have used the service of a Credit Representative from the Agency.

credit representative



New house or flat... In this one moment, a promise of a new beginning, it's worth to seek the professional help of a designer, who will materialize our dreams of a perfect place and put them in a project. The Interior Designer has to be "on the same wavelength" as the Client. That's why we offer several proven designers so that you can choose the person who you find the most compatible to work with, who understands your needs and expectations.

interior designer



Even the best design is not enough. As it is often said: "God did what he could, now we need a Specialist". The Finishing Team - efficient, reliable, with all the specialists necessary. They will finish the whole place or just a part of it, depending on the needs of the Client. With a portfolio of accomplishments and reccomentations from the Clients.

finishing crew



"Khan Rea has supported us in very professional way, answering to all our specific needs. We have developed a 100% trustful relationship with Ewa and Grzegorz."
- Aneta Dąbrowska,
Stefan Vanoverbeke
a reference
"The Khan Rea Agency is for me the essence of professional real estate selling service. It's the only firm of which I know that carried the sale out from top to bottom with little involvement on my side and lifted all the procedures connected to the selling process from my shoulders."
- Paulina Grajek
a reference